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Technical Director Hendrik-Jan Gielis with Managing Director Paul Van Hees

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As a professional audio and AV equipment manufacturer, Apex aims to provide its worldwide users with innovative high quality products.

Over the last twenty-five years, Apex has built a great reputation for combining excellent audio quality with ease of use in all its designs.

Our professional audio products have always been at the cutting edge of technology: for example, we introduced the first paragraphic equaliser, a combination of graphic and parametric EQ designs. Our SL Series of Sound Levellers are used all over the world and are generally recognised as being the best sounding products in their class. With the introduction of the IX² Intelli-X Series of System Management Processors, again we raised the bar for DSP-based audio technology. IX² units have been used all over the world, at many of the highest profile events.

In 2015 our company entered the AV market with a revolutionary product: the Liviau Series.

Apex Liviau offers an entirely new, ultra-simple way of controlling audio, video and lighting for presentations. In Liviau, we have managed to integrate all AV functions into a single, elegant unit, without the need for external equipment, thus reducing system complexity and cost dramatically. Apart from Liviau, you only need to add the display of your choice and some loudspeakers.

Our extensive experience with audio DSP is a guarantee of superb sound quality.

In Apex, the Ex stands for Excellence, we settle for nothing less.

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Apex Liviau